10 ways YOU can make a HUGE difference!

David Kelso | 10/18/16

Three weeks left. 21 days. Crunch time.

As we’ve mentioned many times, 2016 offers a unique opportunity that we might not see again. Politics is weird this year, and with Donald Trump at the top of the Republican ticket, and many Republicans either not supporting their nominee, or in some cases actually leaving the party altogether, this very well could be the year that Iowa’s 4th District decides that 14 years is enough and sends Steve King back to Kiron as the former Congressman from Iowa.

But it’s not just going to magically happen. We need your help. Kim needs your help.

Here are ten very real things you can do in the next three weeks that will make a very real difference in the effort to replace Steve King with Kim Weaver.


  1. Knock on some doors. Research shows this is far and away the most impact you can have on this or any election. Nothing moves the needle like face to face conversations with voters where you share with them why you care about this race and why you’re voting for Kim.

  2. Make some phone calls. We have a targeted universe of voters that we think could make a huge difference. And there are a lot of them. If a lot of people step up and make some calls, it could be curtains for Steve King.

  3. Display your support. We have yard signs, we have barn signs, and we have t-shirts. If you're not already displaying your support in one of these ways and would like to, please let us know. (Especially if you live along a highway and are willing to display one of our barn signs.)

  4. Write a letter to the editor. Here’s something about the people who read your local paper: they vote. And a lot of the people who read them don’t know much about Kim. Tell them why you’re voting for her. It could make a huge difference.

  5. Share our blog. There’s a whole lot of excellent information over there. Take a look. And if something grabs you or you think it’s a good message for your social media circle to see, Share!

6. Talk to your 4th District friends. And co-workers. And family. Particularly your mom. Engage the ones you think might not be voting for Kim, but maybe - just maybe - would be open to it. (Every one of us knows people who only lean right. Some of them need only have a reasonable conversation with someone they know about why Kim Weaver is a superior choice to Steve King.)

7. Donate. If you have already, thank you! Can you make one more contribution before this election is behind us. If you haven’t been able to yet, well...like I said, 2016 is a unique opportunity. Let’s not miss out, because it’s likely we won’t have another one if we blow this one.

8. Come to Kim’s events. She’ll be all over the district in the next three weeks. The more people who take the time to show up, the more momentum we build. Because at every event, there will be someone there shopping. What she says will be a factor, to be sure...but so will what (and who) they see.

9. Talk about Kim more than you talk about King. This is a challenge because he’s...well, he’s just horrible. But voters want someone to vote for. Talk about her i-GIVE plan to address the student debt crisis. Talk about her desire to protect Social Security and to expand Medicare to include nursing home and long term care. Talk about her support for raising the minimum wage. Talk about what it would be like to have a representative from the 4th District who is actually focused on solutions, instead of obstruction, gridlock, and partisan bickering.

10. Did I mention knocking doors and making phone calls? Because that’s where these things are won and lost. If you have the time, please...reach out. I promise we’ll empower you to make a huge difference.

Thank you for everything. All of your support up until this time, and especially - especially - those of you who plan to take this list seriously and be a part of this final push. This is our shot. Let’s make the most of it!

Let’s win this thing!

David Kelso
Campaign Manager
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