A Message From a Dutch Student

Kim Weaver | 10/24/16

If I told you I met a college student who took a semester off to come to Iowa specifically to help defeat Steve King, would you believe me? Well, it's true.

I was in the Democratic campaign headquarters in Mason City when this young woman's accent caught my attention. I asked if her accent was Dutch, she said yes. I asked if she was a college student, she said yes, at Ohio State. I asked what she was doing in Iowa in October, and that's when things got interesting. "I'm here to help defeat Steve King."


"Yes, in the Netherlands we cannot understand why an American politician would come over and pose with the most despised man in Europe? Why associate yourself with the head of the so-called Freedom Party, which is essentially our version of The National Front. What possible reason could an American Congressman have for such a close friendship with the most divisive figure on the continent?"

A lot of us in Iowa are asking the same question.



Please support decency, humanity, hard work, and real results, and take a stand against the worldwide shame and ridicule we Iowans suffer as a result of the antics of my opponent. Can you can chip in to help is in these critical last two weeks? You'd be doing me, yourself, and all of Iowa a big favor.



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