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Daily Kos | Murfster35 | 10/28/16

You had to expect this would happen sooner or later. I don’t know how long Steve King thought he could get away with this scam. How long can you be a loudmouthed, ignorant, bigoted blowhard before everybody finally gets sick of your shtick? For Donald Trump it took a long, painful 16 months to get here, for Steve King it’s taken an incredible 14 years. But good things come to those who wait.

Kim Weaver has had her sights set on King for a long while, but it’s been a long and sometimes lonely road. Steve King just blew her off, saw no reason to debate her, basically ignored her. She was just some social worker, and he was a world class jerk. She is still working full time as a social worker, which cuts down greatly on her campaign and fund raising time. As Alfred E Neuman used to say, “What, me worry?” Well, maybe.

Turns out that Kim Weaver isn’t the only one with her sights firmly on Steve King’s back. The Des Moines Register is not very happy with him these days either. The Register spoke glowingly of Kim’s skills, lauding her ability to listen to all sides in disputes between seniors or the mentally disabled and their families and nursing facilities before turning their sights on King. To quote from the ARTICLE;

Contrast that with her opponent in the 4th district, Rep. Steve King, who’s infamous for talking. He’s known nationally for making outrageous statements — on the floor of Congress, on cable TV, on talk radio, and anywhere else he can get attention.

But actually doing anything? King has earned a reputation for being one of the least-effective members of Congress. In seven terms in Washington, not one of the bills he’s introduced have ever made it out of committee. Instead, he’s known for his amendments and resolutions that ultimately go nowhere. He takes pride in obstruction.

Ouch! I think maybe Steve King ruffled their feathers over there at the Register a little bit when he declined to even meet with them while they considered their endorsement. And the fact that he’s a vocal and total supporter of Trump probably doesn’t help either. Kim Weaver was there with bells on, and apparently impressed them, they went again to her 20 years of service in public service as a long term care ombudsman for the state before dropping the hammer on King;

She knows those seniors also would prefer to stay in their homes, if they had help. That’s why she proposes expanding the AmeriCorps VISTA program, which would allow young college graduates to work as aides for elderly people while getting help in paying off their student debt.

She’s worked with low-income clients and done the math to show that for a family of four, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour would save taxpayers $18,000 a year in public assistance such as food stamps, housing and heating assistance and other benefits. That’s why she wants to find a way to gradually increase the minimum wage without punishing small business owners.

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