A Message From a Dutch Student

Kim Weaver | 10/24/16

If I told you I met a college student who took a semester off to come to Iowa specifically to help defeat Steve King, would you believe me? Well, it's true.

I was in the Democratic campaign headquarters in Mason City when this young woman's accent caught my attention. I asked if her accent was Dutch, she said yes. I asked if she was a college student, she said yes, at Ohio State. I asked what she was doing in Iowa in October, and that's when things got interesting. "I'm here to help defeat Steve King."


"Yes, in the Netherlands we cannot understand why an American politician would come over and pose with the most despised man in Europe? Why associate yourself with the head of the so-called Freedom Party, which is essentially our version of The National Front. What possible reason could an American Congressman have for such a close friendship with the most divisive figure on the continent?"

A lot of us in Iowa are asking the same question.



Please support decency, humanity, hard work, and real results, and take a stand against the worldwide shame and ridicule we Iowans suffer as a result of the antics of my opponent. Can you can chip in to help is in these critical last two weeks? You'd be doing me, yourself, and all of Iowa a big favor.



Canvass Kick-Off with Martin O'Malley

Kim Weaver | 10/23/16

It was my pleasure and privilege to join with Governor Martin O'Malley at the Story County Democrats campaign office yesterday morning for the canvass kick-off, to give all of our fantastic volunteers our thanks and encouragement as they hit the pavement to make the final push before the election.


Governor O'Malley said "I have spent a lot of time in campaign offices over the past year, and wow, there's a whole lot of activity going on here! You guys are obviously working hard!" It really is a tribute to all of our volunteers, how far we've come.  I'm delighted that Governor O'Malley found it so obvious and encouraging.  Thank you, a thousand times, thank you!

And thanks to Governor O'Malley as well, for his very kind words about me. I really appreciate his friendship, trust, and enthusiasm. After I was presented with a check for a thousand dollars by the Story County Democrats, Governor O'Malley shouted out, "I'll match that! A thousand from me, too!"


How can you not love this guy? He can come to my campaign events ANY TIME!!

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I Believe the Children Are Our Future

Kim Weaver | 10/22/16

I had the pleasure of being invited to the Candidate Forum at Charles City Community High School yesterday, where seniors at the school and neighboring high schools learn about civics and government by meeting candidates and asking them questions.  My colleague Todd Pritchard, a Democrat representative in the Iowa house, and his challenger were also there, plus a county sheriff candidate.



What a pleasure it was to meet with our most newly minted voters, and those who'll be able to cast their first vote soon! The earnestness and eagerness with which these students engaged us was uplifting, a sign that today's youth are anything but apathetic, drifting along with their earbuds and Xboxes.  They asked excellent questions about local issues, such as water quality and protection of Iowa's wildlife, as well as questions of national import, such as working through gridlock in Washington and how to afford the cost of a college education (one of my most prominent policy planks).  One aspiring young politician asked me about the difficulties of campaigning as a woman, and several others in the crowd approached me afterward to discuss how best to enter the political realm.

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The Importance of Debates

Kim Weaver | 10/20/16

The Importance of Debates

Last night, Iowans in the 4th District heard Senate and Presidential candidates make an impassioned case for why they should be elected to office. Unfortunately, due to Steve King’s refusal, these same Iowans are being deprived of a debate between the House candidates.

The voters of Iowa’s 4th district deserve to hear Steve King’s case for why he should be elected to an eighth term, as well as my own case for being elected. It is disrespectful and arrogant of him to assume that the voters know his positions on all the issues, and that the citizens of Iowa have no right to meaningful communication from their Congressional representative.

Also, his refusal to have his positions publicly contrasted with my own on the debate stage demonstrates cowardice.



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Kim Endorsed by Iowa State Daily

Press Release | 10/21/16

Kim Endorsed by Iowa State Daily

Kim Weaver, Democratic Nominee for Iowa’s 4th Congressional District, was endorsed Thursday, October 20th, by the Iowa State Daily in Ames.



In their editorial, the Daily stated  “It’s time to elect Kim Weaver to the U.S. House of Representatives and leave behind our national embarrassment, Rep. Steve King.” While the publication pointed to several reasons for their endorsement, not surprisingly, they did point to the focus she’s placed on addressing the student debt crisis. “Weaver, an Iowa State alumna, acknowledges that student loan debt could very well be the next national financial crisis — a real concern for Iowa college students who experience among the highest debt in the country. She has several plans to reduce or eliminate student loan debt, including implementing a national volunteer program where graduates could volunteer in exchange for debt relief."

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Steve King's Confederate Flag

A.C. Doyle | 10/18/16

Steve King's Confederate Flag

On this day in 1767 Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon completed their survey of the Delaware Valley, and established the permanent distinction between free states and slave states. The "Mason-Dixon Line" would serve as a clear boundary between decency and hideous oppression for the next century.

Steve King has chosen to dwell on the wrong side of that line, and the wrong side of history. He still proudly displays the flag of treason and slavery on his desk. He's proud of it. He says it's there because "it's important to remember our history." It's a claim that's perplexing to the person hearing it and disingenuous on the part of the person making it. No. That's not why Steve King has the Confederate battle flag on his desk, because if it was really about "remembering our history," he'd have this flag on his desk...



That's the Union flag from the Civil War era. That's the flag over 13,000 Iowans gave their life defending. Steve King insults every brave young Iowan who died to defend the Union and to stop the awful Dixie tradition of human bondage. 
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Someone Had To Step Up

Kim Weaver | 10/19/16

Someone Had To Step Up

As I travel around the 4th District conversing with voters and journalists, I’m often asked, “Why are you running?”

My response is typically that I got fed up. Fed up with the obstruction and gridlock and partisan bickering. And that's true. Last night on KTIV I knew we didn't have much time, so I simplified all that and boiled it down to, “Someone had to step up and challenge Steve King.” (That's a link to the interview. Take a look, if you haven't seen it already.)


Steve King was rated the least effective legislator by InsideGov, compared immigrants to animals, wants to restrict tax credits to only heterosexual couples, supports turning medicaid into a voucher program, claimed that white people contributed most to civilization, proposed draconian cuts to SNAP, and the list goes on and on.

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10 ways YOU can make a HUGE difference!

David Kelso | 10/18/16

Three weeks left. 21 days. Crunch time.

As we’ve mentioned many times, 2016 offers a unique opportunity that we might not see again. Politics is weird this year, and with Donald Trump at the top of the Republican ticket, and many Republicans either not supporting their nominee, or in some cases actually leaving the party altogether, this very well could be the year that Iowa’s 4th District decides that 14 years is enough and sends Steve King back to Kiron as the former Congressman from Iowa.

But it’s not just going to magically happen. We need your help. Kim needs your help.

Here are ten very real things you can do in the next three weeks that will make a very real difference in the effort to replace Steve King with Kim Weaver.


  1. Knock on some doors. Research shows this is far and away the most impact you can have on this or any election. Nothing moves the needle like face to face conversations with voters where you share with them why you care about this race and why you’re voting for Kim.

  2. Make some phone calls. We have a targeted universe of voters that we think could make a huge difference. And there are a lot of them. If a lot of people step up and make some calls, it could be curtains for Steve King.

  3. Display your support. We have yard signs, we have barn signs, and we have t-shirts. If you're not already displaying your support in one of these ways and would like to, please let us know. (Especially if you live along a highway and are willing to display one of our barn signs.)

  4. Write a letter to the editor. Here’s something about the people who read your local paper: they vote. And a lot of the people who read them don’t know much about Kim. Tell them why you’re voting for her. It could make a huge difference.

  5. Share our blog. There’s a whole lot of excellent information over there. Take a look. And if something grabs you or you think it’s a good message for your social media circle to see, Share!

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I thought we couldn't replace Scalia because it's an election year(?)

Kim Weaver | 10/17/16


This is exactly why they all need to be voted out. The leaders in the current Republican party look at this like it is some chess game. The reality is, their stubborn grandstanding will adversely affect everyday Americans. As vacancies down the line aren't filled, REAL people have their constitutional right to a fair and speedy trial stolen from them. Do not be fooled. They are doing this because the people who give them money (LOTS OF IT..just look at the money my opponent gets) want to make sure they manipulate who sits on our highest court so they can continue to give millions in dark money to people who will write bills that favor them. They really didn't care when millions of people lost their homes and their retirement savings. Instead, they pushed to give Wall St brokers a bail out and millions of dollars in bonuses.

They (the Koch brothers) want to make sure they can steal our national forests so they can cut down the trees for paper. They want to do away with the EPA because their factories pollute our air and water. They want to erase the minimum wage because they want to exploit people who need jobs.

Make no mistake, our democracy is at stake here. John McCain is a member of the elite. He probably feels immune to any down turns in the economy. The sad fact is, you and I are not. These people can play with our futures and feel very little effect on their bottom line. What happens to us? We lose our jobs and then our homes. Our children can't go to college and we wonder what we will do when it comes time to retire.

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If you care about Social Security and Medicare....

Kim Weaver | 10/17/16

I try not to spend too much time talking about the outrageous and divisive things my opponent says and does - but he sure does make it hard. I prefer to talk about my ideas and plans for revitalizing the middle class and protecting our seniors and our environment. But the reality is, I do have to talk about my opponent.

Recently I’ve been focused on two things where it comes to his record. First is the fact that last August, Steve King was named by InsideGov as the least effective member of Congress. The second thing I’ve been focusing on is the fact that we’re lucky he’s as ineffective as he is, because most of what he proposes or supports would do very real damage to you and your family.

Security and Medicare, for example.

On July 11, 2012, on HR 2560 Roll Call Vote No. 606, which would lower prescription drug cost by closing the doughnut hole, Steve King voted No.

H CR 34 Roll Call No. 277 would have created a fast track process for Social Security cuts and to privatize Medicare with a voucher system. Steve King voted Yes.

H J 48 Roll Call vote No. 178 would bar the use of funds to develop or implement a system that would cut Social Security or Medicare benefits. Congressman King voted No.

H R 1315 Roll Call No. 620 would add language that would ensure Consumer Financial Protection Bureau authority to issue rules to protect seniors from abusive, deceptive or unfair practices. But the CFPB was created by President Obama, so of course, Congressman King voted No. Apparently, sticking it to the president is more important to my opponent than protecting seniors from fraud.

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