Democrats 'steak' their claim at fundraiser

Spencer Daily Reporter | Seth Boyes | 8/22/16

Democrats 'steak' their claim at fundraiser

More than 40 people congregated at the Clay County Democrats' Annual Steak Fry Fundraiser Sunday. The dinner, which was held at the Oneota Park shelter house, served not only as a fundraiser but also as a way to coordinate political efforts and familiarize members with the candidates.


Though Kim Weaver was not in attendance, Jay Lyon, a campaign volunteer, spoke on her behalf.

"Kim Weaver is the ombudsman for the state of Iowa. She is still working full time at that job. She has not quit that job to run for office. This is the very first political office she has ever run for. In her job, she views it as a job where she is looking for solutions to problems. People call and say there is a problem at a nursing home, she goes there but, instead of reprimanding the nursing home for that, what she tries to do is find solutions to the problems so they don't come back up again. We need somebody like that in congress, especially for our district because we haven't had anybody like that for a couple of decades almost," Lyon told the group.

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