Kim Weaver | 9/2/11

Last night, Donald Trump gave his long awaited immigration policy speech in Phoenix, ground-zero for the anti-immigration movement. The speech was filled with wall building rabble-rousing and xenophobic generalizations that painted immigrants as job-stealing, drug-smuggling violent criminals invading the United States.


Unsurprisingly, Trump sided with the right-wing hardliners and doubled-down on his draconian policies. He rolled back his promise of enforcing a humane immigration policy and opted for the “copy and pasted” immigration plan he got from Steve King. It is no wonder THREE of Trump’s Latino surrogates are pulling their support.

Well, I’m going to make a proposal ALL Americans should be able to get behind: Let's get rid of Steve King.

King’s disposition and rhetoric toward immigrant communities has been nothing short of arrogant, disgusting, and reprehensible. King promotes standards that encourage our children to divide and segregate themselves instead of promoting and celebrating multiculturalism and inclusion.

Washington DC needs leaders who understand the complexities driving people from their homes and across our border. Talks aimed at fixing our immigration system will be a hollow hope for the millions living in the shadows, yearning to become fully contributing members of American society. Constructive conversations cannot occur without mutual respect from all parties involved. Uniting coalitions to understand the complexities behind immigration problems is what we need to find workable solutions.

That is why I am asking for your support as we quickly approach November 8. We need representatives in Washington DC who will work to find solutions based on UNITY instead of using their national position to recklessly traffic in the misinformation and hate beneath the divisions and unrest. Please consider contributing to my campaign. Strength through unity is what we need now, not division.



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