Energy Independence



With heightened concerns about the health of our planet, as well as the global political implications of continued oil dependence, it is imperative that we put all of our efforts into expanding the use of renewable resources to meet our energy needs. Indeed, growing conflict in the Middle East means that the expansion of renewable energy not only makes environmental sense but is a matter of national security as well. 

Unfortunately, the residential use of resources such as solar or wind energy is often beyond the financial means of individuals.  

Therefore, to expand the use of renewable fuels and reduce our dependence on foreign oil, Kim proposes the following: 

  • Creation of tax incentives to develop new technologies for the expansion of renewable energy.  
  • Continued federal support for the Renewable Fuel Standard.
  • Development of financial supports and incentives to encourage homeowners to install solar panels or other energy saving technologies.  
  • Support for small wind projects and other individual efforts to expand wind energy.  
  • Support for the growth of companies that create and manufacture economical renewable energy options.
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