Following In Her Footsteps

Kim Weaver | 9/30/16

I'm delighted to tell you that I had an opportunity yesterday to spend time with one of my personal heroes.  At the non-partisan Equal Pay for Equal Work event yesterday, part of the Iowa State lecture series, I shared the podium with the inimitable Lily Ledbetter. 


You probably remember that the Lily Ledbetter Act was the very first legislation that President Obama ever signed, ensuring that women with the same qualifications as men could be paid at the same level.  Equal pay for equal work -- what could be simpler?!  This landmark legislation is one of the great civil rights achievements of the past decade.

But my tenure as the Ombudsman for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities here has shown me that the seniors of Iowa are struggling to maintain their dignity as they age, due to the high cost of care.  And as Lily and I chatted at the reception, she said something that stuck with me.  Lily pointed out that the historical pay gap between men and women, working at the same job, for the same hours, but with less pay for women, puts our older Iowan women at a severe disadvantage.  Because their pensions and social security payments are much less than the men they worked alongside with for 40 or 50 years.

This is a problem for Iowa, and the nation.  And you know it will be among my first priorities, as your Congressperson in Washington.  My opponent, Steve King?  He voted against equal pay for equal work, of course.  He also voted to gut Social Security and Medicare.  He consistently votes against our working women, and he consistently votes against our parents and grandparents.

It's time to protect Iowa's women and Iowa's seniors.  Please donate below, so that we can send someone to Washington who has out best interests at heart.

Thank you so very much, in the spirit of Lily Ledbetter and all the women who have fought for equality.



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