From Mexico with Fear: Of Steve King

A.C. Doyle | 10/4016

Hi there. Kim Weaver volunteer, here.

For reasons unrelated to the campaign, I happened to be 8500 feet up in La Sierra Gorda, and I was at the birthday party today for a local school teacher.  There were no rapists and drug dealers in attendance, despite what Steve King might assume. There were doctors and lawyers and small business owners, professors and children and architects and artists.


And at one point during the party, I mentioned that I was working on Kim Weaver's campaign.  I continued my sentence, "against Steve King." All of a sudden, the whole yard -- and I'm talking about 40 people at a huge banquet table with salsa music playing and great food coming off the grill -- fell to a dead silence.

"Steve King? Steve King? Steve King?" The murmurs arose, 2500 miles south of Iowa. Even in the remote mountains of central Mexico, among artists and intellectuals and simple working families, people knew his name. I was astonished! I won't translate the words that came next.

We've mentioned in these e-mails that Steve King embarrasses the 4th district. We've mentioned the he embarrasses the entire state of Iowa. We've mentioned that he embarrasses Congress in Washington.

But wow!  What an eye-opener.  He embarrasses the entire Continent! People 2500 miles away knew of Steve King and his ignorant and corrosive garbage.  Immediately, 12 or 15 people began to say "toxico."  I don't need to translate that for you. Toxico. Steve King is so well known for thousands of miles around Iowa that the first word to come to people's minds is toxic.

How can Iowans possibly continue voting for this monster, who presents the face of Iowa as being hateful, racist, stupid, and "toxic"? Iowa is better than that. By far. Dump this hideous creep, whose reputation humiliates Iowa all around the world.

Volunteer for Kim Weaver, donate to Kim Weaver, and for all that's decent and true about the State of Iowa, VOTE FOR KIM WEAVER.



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