From the UK with Fear: Of Steve King

Team Weaver | 10/3/16

The letter below was sent by a teacher in the UK regarding Representative Steve King. 


To whom it may concern,

I am a teacher of A Level history and government and politics from the UK (A level refers to the qualifications needed to attend University here). I teach US politics to a particularly bright group of 17-18 year olds who are observing this election cycle with a mixture of amusement, bemusement, confusion and very real concern - not just directed at Trump but at many down-ticket Republicans too. One of my students, while we were discussing events from over the summer and more current events, outlined her fears of one Representative Steve King (R-IA 4th district) and, in her words, “his flaming white supremacist views.”

As a class, we are united in disbelief that a person who openly admits that he considers 'non-whites' inferior and seemingly 'useless' and 'uncivilised' is able to exert influence in the legislature of the USA in the 21st century. His ignorant, cruel and utterly narrow-minded views have truly shocked both me and my diverse class of A grade students who, this time next year, will be attending the best universities in this country. The world is watching, and if the likes of Steve King retain their seats we will quickly learn to view the US with fear and disgust rather than respect.


Rosalind Bundy


Iowa is better than this. Iowa deserves better. Please consider volunteering or donating to Kim's campaign to bring dignity back to Iowa’s 4th District and to our entire country.  



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