How to vanquish a King. Steve King.

Team Weaver | June 10, 2016

With Tuesday’s Primary Elections behind us, it’s time to pivot to the General. Historically, the 4th District has been tough for Democrats, but this year is different. In 2016 we have witnessed a political shake-up that shows truly ANYTHING is possible. In 2016 this race is WINNABLE!


YES. Republicans are in the middle of a severe identity crisis. Donald Trump has divided his party with hateful, divisive rhetoric. He has thrown the traditional Republican base to the curb, leaving moderate Republican voters with the choice to break from their party to defeat Trump, move backwards and vote to usher in a new era of racism, sexism, xenophobia, and discrimination, or sit this one out in frustration and disgust. The result? Their traditional establishment base is eroding to the point where elected Iowa Republicans are actually leaving their party! 

Still skeptical? 

The National Committee for an Effective Congress isn't. When it came time to start endorsing candidates for this election cycle, they chose our campaign as their first endorsement of 2016! Why? We couldn't be more proud and grateful! 

Now is Key

We have one shot. The Blog for Iowa recently noted how unique this year’s race for the 4th District because it is. In a June 1 post, Dave Ramsey said, "Look for Kim Weaver to give her opponent a tough race. This year I wouldn't count any district as 'safe Republican,' even Iowa's 4th. King is a known whacko in a party that will be lead by a reality TV personality this year. Maybe his luck has run out."

Let’s strike while the iron is hot!

With your help we will win! Help us take advantage of this opportunity to defeat Steve King and elect a representative who will work and represent all of Iowa’s 4th District! Click here to donate and send the message to King that the time of his reign has come to an end!






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