If you care about Social Security and Medicare....

Kim Weaver | 10/17/16

I try not to spend too much time talking about the outrageous and divisive things my opponent says and does - but he sure does make it hard. I prefer to talk about my ideas and plans for revitalizing the middle class and protecting our seniors and our environment. But the reality is, I do have to talk about my opponent.

Recently I’ve been focused on two things where it comes to his record. First is the fact that last August, Steve King was named by InsideGov as the least effective member of Congress. The second thing I’ve been focusing on is the fact that we’re lucky he’s as ineffective as he is, because most of what he proposes or supports would do very real damage to you and your family.

Security and Medicare, for example.

On July 11, 2012, on HR 2560 Roll Call Vote No. 606, which would lower prescription drug cost by closing the doughnut hole, Steve King voted No.

H CR 34 Roll Call No. 277 would have created a fast track process for Social Security cuts and to privatize Medicare with a voucher system. Steve King voted Yes.

H J 48 Roll Call vote No. 178 would bar the use of funds to develop or implement a system that would cut Social Security or Medicare benefits. Congressman King voted No.

H R 1315 Roll Call No. 620 would add language that would ensure Consumer Financial Protection Bureau authority to issue rules to protect seniors from abusive, deceptive or unfair practices. But the CFPB was created by President Obama, so of course, Congressman King voted No. Apparently, sticking it to the president is more important to my opponent than protecting seniors from fraud.

It’s these kinds of votes that are hidden by the smoke-screen of Steve King’s outrageous behavior in front of every camera that will broadcast his rants to the masses.

I want to bring pride to Iowa, particularly our 4th Congressional District. It’s been a long time coming. But more than that, I want to bring effective representation to the hard-working people of Northwest Iowa, who deserve a Congressperson who will focus on solutions, not obstruction, and who will be committed to results, not publicity.



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