Iowa Democratic Party Gala: Lessons

Kim Weaver | 10/16/16

Last night was the Iowa Democratic Party Annual Gala. It was one part celebration of the great work we’ve done as a party standing up for working class families and students and seniors, and one part pep rally as we enter the home stretch of this election cycle. I was grateful for the opportunity to address the crowd, and really enjoyed hearing from our three other Congressional candidates, Monica Vernon, Jim Mowrer, Representative Dave Loebsack, and Senate candidate Patty Judge. Congressman Joaquin Castro’s keynote speech was appropriately inspiring...but it was former Governor Tom Vilsack’s speech that really hit home with me and lit a fire.

Governor Vilsack spoke of his 1998 race for Governor, and reminded everyone that he was trailing Jim Ross Lightfoot by 23 points coming out of the summer, with Lightfoot expected to waltz into the Governor's Mansion as Terry Branstad's anointed successor. But through scrappy organizing and a message of greater economic opportunity, he scored a stunning upset to become Iowa's first Democratic governor in thirty years.

Folks, that's what I'm trying to do, and what I need you to help me do. Let’s score a stunning upset against Steve King, who is so confident about the race that he's not even bothering to debate in front of his constituents, he’s that arrogant in his certainty that 4th District voters will pull the lever for him anyway.

We can do this as long as we don’t give up! I’m sure not giving up, and if you can chip in to help us get our message to the voters of the 4th District, together we’ll get to hear the Steve King concession speech we’re all longing to hear on November 8th.



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