King opponent offended by praise of Putin

Storm Lake Pilot Tribune | 9/13/16

King opponent offended by praise of Putin



Local candidates Kim Weaver and Sara Huddleston met with members of the Storm Lake branch of American Association of University Women.

Democrat 4th Congressional District candidate Kim Weaver, who appeared at an AAUW event in Storm Lake last weekend, is blasting incumbent opponent Steve King for what she said are comments praising Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"As the descendant of soldiers who fought in the American Revolution, I am appalled that Steve King has said he prefers the murderous dictator of a repressive regime to the freely elected head of American constitutional democracy. This is reprehensible, and it again exemplifies how Steve King's reflect is to run to the nearest TV camera and say something extreme and offensive," she said in a statement sent to the Pilot-Tribune.

"If president Obama ruled the way Vladimir Putin does, King would have been thrown in the gulag long ago. Perhaps he should consider the implications of what (he) is saying, as well as the actual definition of the word patriot."

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