Letter from a Marine: Steve King Let Us Down

Team Weaver | 10/5016

Today we bring you the third in a series of letters from supporters. First we heard from Rosalind Bundy, a teacher in the UK. Next we shared words from AC Doyle, who wrote to us from Mexico. Today's letter comes from here at home, and it's from a United States Marine.


My name is Aaron Cruz, and I was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in 2011, after serving a five-year enlistment as a linguist, earning a Joint Service Achievement Medal for my work in the Intelligence field. I am writing to you today to draw your attention to Rep. Steve King’s actions that affect our military and veterans.

Congressman King has been vocal about his support of the military and veterans; however, he has been absent when we needed him. I remember vividly, in 2011, when the government was in danger of shutting down due to Congress’ failure to pass a budget, I was in danger of losing all pay and benefits for the duration of the shutdown.

My fellow Marines and I would have been putting our lives on the line to defend our nation, but we would not have received the compensations we needed to get by. That’s when we needed Congressman King the most.

 And Steve King let us down.

With the shutdown looming, two bills were proposed that would extend salary and benefits to our fighting men and women during a shutdown.

Congressman King voted against both of them, and both measures failed.

In the Marines, we learn that talk is cheap. Words are meaningless without action. Our character is made up of the actions we take and the stands we make, and I find Steve King’s character to be lacking.

That is why I am asking for your support of Kim Weaver. Kim is a relentless fighter, for whom I have deep respect, and a Marine’s respect is not given to just anybody. Kim is dedicated to ensuring our service members past, present, and future receive all that they need to be successful defenders of our nation and successful when they transition back to civilian life. 

With the epidemic rates of Post-Traumatic Stress and suicide among our finest, we need someone who will support rather than obstruct the well-being of our men and women who take and have taken the oath to defend and uphold The Constitution, even if it means their lives.

That person is Kim Weaver.

Please consider displaying a sign in your window or on your lawn. Your assistance as a volunteer, making phone calls and knocking on doors would also be appreciated.  Any help you can provide is vital in ensuring that the best candidate wins this November. Tell your friends and family. If you are able, an affordable donation to the campaign will go a long way to ensuring support for our service members and veterans.

Semper Fidelis,

Aaron Cruz



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