National Dog Day

Kim Weaver | 8/27/16

Yesterday it seemed like everyone was talking about National Women’s Day. It was great to see all the demonstrations of support and solidarity. I am proud to be in the company of a group of amazing, strong women running to represent Iowans this year. With all the campaign activity, it wasn’t until the middle of the day that I realized it was another “National” day. National Dog Day.

If you don’t know by now, I’m a dog lover. My dogs, a seventeen year old Shih Tzu named Patches, and Lucy, a four year old Yorkie rescue, are part of my family.  


My opponent is a dog owner, but it’s hard to imagine he has much love for dogs, or any animals, considering his record of fighting and voting against every attempt by Congress at animal protection. He voted against outlawing arsenic in chicken feed. He fought against outlawing cockfighting. And, quite infamously, he fought very hard to legalize dog fighting. These are just a few of MANY offenses. You’d be hard pressed to find ANYONE in Congress with a worse record for supporting animal abuses.


Animal lovers...LET’S SHOW HIM!

Steve King’s support of animal abuses doesn’t set the kind of example we expect our kids to follow as they grow up. We need legislators that understand the importance of treating all living things with dignity and respect. Please use one of the links below to make a donation to my campaign.



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