I thought we couldn't replace Scalia because it's an election year(?)

Kim Weaver | 10/17/16


This is exactly why they all need to be voted out. The leaders in the current Republican party look at this like it is some chess game. The reality is, their stubborn grandstanding will adversely affect everyday Americans. As vacancies down the line aren't filled, REAL people have their constitutional right to a fair and speedy trial stolen from them. Do not be fooled. They are doing this because the people who give them money (LOTS OF IT..just look at the money my opponent gets) want to make sure they manipulate who sits on our highest court so they can continue to give millions in dark money to people who will write bills that favor them. They really didn't care when millions of people lost their homes and their retirement savings. Instead, they pushed to give Wall St brokers a bail out and millions of dollars in bonuses.

They (the Koch brothers) want to make sure they can steal our national forests so they can cut down the trees for paper. They want to do away with the EPA because their factories pollute our air and water. They want to erase the minimum wage because they want to exploit people who need jobs.

Make no mistake, our democracy is at stake here. John McCain is a member of the elite. He probably feels immune to any down turns in the economy. The sad fact is, you and I are not. These people can play with our futures and feel very little effect on their bottom line. What happens to us? We lose our jobs and then our homes. Our children can't go to college and we wonder what we will do when it comes time to retire.

As the descendant of soldiers who fought in the American Revolution, I am appalled by how the Republican party has sold out to big money and thrown the American people under the bus. They are no longer the party of the conservatives. They are the party of the greedy who preys on conservatives.

I live in a VERY conservative area. I have many friends who are Republican. They are kind, compassionate, and loving people. They don't support what the current leadership of the GOP is doing. They remember the passages they learned in Sunday school; "What you do for the least of these, you do for me".. "When I was hungry, you fed me. When I was naked, you clothed me. When I was homeless, you gave me shelter."... "Remove the blank from your own eye before you remove the splinter from your neighbor's".... These passages are what drive me to do what I do. It is why I work tirelessly to fight for our seniors and people with disabilities. It is why I continue to work full time while driving across our district to talk to people. I will fight for you. This honestly is NOT about me. It is about standing up for all of us.

My prayer and my hope is that good will prevail...that people will open their eyes and see that this really isn't about what political party you belong to. This is about where your heart is and what you value.



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