So long "Cantaloupe calves" King. Hellooooo Kim Weaver!

Daily Kos | Murfster35 | 10/5/16

So long "Cantaloupe calves" King. Hellooooo Kim Weaver!

It’s far past time to send Iowa’s Steve King back to the rocker on his front porch, yelling at kids to get out of the street, and growling at everybody darker than him that goes down the street. The man is a walking insult to human beings, and he’s been getting paid by us taxpayers in Congress for far too long to do it.

It’s hard to forget Steve King, but Lord how we’d love to! This is the idjit that famously stated that Mexican youths had “calves like cantaloupes” from carrying all those heavy bales of pot over the border. In July he went on “All In with Chris Hayes” to state categorically that white people had contributed more to civilization than any other “sub group” in history, turning the panel into a free for all. “Subgroup”, really?! Sweet Jeebus, enough already!

Kim Weaver is the obvious choice here. She is a native Iowan, born there, raised there, went to school there, married and raised her family there, and she loves it. When she and her husband separated in in 2003 she became a single Mom with three children, and really learned the importance of friends and community, just as I have here. She gets it.

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