Someone Had To Step Up

Kim Weaver | 10/19/16

Someone Had To Step Up

As I travel around the 4th District conversing with voters and journalists, I’m often asked, “Why are you running?”

My response is typically that I got fed up. Fed up with the obstruction and gridlock and partisan bickering. And that's true. Last night on KTIV I knew we didn't have much time, so I simplified all that and boiled it down to, “Someone had to step up and challenge Steve King.” (That's a link to the interview. Take a look, if you haven't seen it already.)


Steve King was rated the least effective legislator by InsideGov, compared immigrants to animals, wants to restrict tax credits to only heterosexual couples, supports turning medicaid into a voucher program, claimed that white people contributed most to civilization, proposed draconian cuts to SNAP, and the list goes on and on.

Iowa's 4th District deserves a representative who will fight to protect and expand Social Security and Medicare. A representative who will fight for affordable education and good paying jobs, which starts (but does  not end) with raising the minimum wage. A representative who will represent all Iowans, regardless of sexual orientation, race, national background, religion or creed. A representative who will fight for solutions, not media attention.

I want to be that representative, and if you live in the 4th District, I ask for your vote. Also, if you are able, I ask for a donation of volunteer time or money. Together we can bring real solutions to Washington.

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