Steve King and Kim Weaver actually agree on something

Des Moines Register | Kathy Obradovich | 10/1/16

Steve King and Kim Weaver actually agree on something


Republican congressman Steve King and his Democratic challenger, Kim Weaver, agree on very little. That won’t come as a surprise to voters in the 4th Congressional District, where King is seeking an eighth term.

Weaver wants to expand funding to Planned Parenthood; King would defund it. Weaver wants to keep and improve the Affordable Care Act; King would repeal it. The list of opposing views is long.

After talking with both King and Weaver on Friday, however, I did find one issue on which they actually agree. Both oppose legislation allowing the families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia for its role in the 2001 attacks.

Congress voted last week to override President Barack Obama’s veto — for the first time in his presidency — over the bill. Obama said the legislation could leave American military personnel open to being sued by foreign governments.

“I certainly wouldn’t have voted to overturn Obama’s veto,” Weaver said Friday. “Part of the issue with that is that it allows people to sue us, too. We’ve been offenders of people, civilians, dying in drone strikes.”

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