Steve King CAN go down. Kim Weaver needs our help. Please read and share.

Daily Kos | Murfster35 | 10/07/16

Steve King CAN go down. Kim Weaver needs our help. Please read and share.


Look guys, normally I don’t ask you for much. I write, you read. Hopefully you enjoy it. I’m sorry, but this time is different. This time I’m going to ask you for something. But something extremely simple.

We, along with Kim Weaver have just been given a golden goose. She was supposed to appear at a forum sponsored by sponsored by Iowa press and the local Iowa PBS station. She showed up on time, her opponent Steve King decided to blow the whole thing off. Why bother to debate against a woman on a televised program. With King’s reputation, if there’s a more blatant display of male arrogance, I haven’t seen it for a while, other than from The Orange Julius.

Fortunately the Iowa PBS kept their cool. Instead of cancelling the appearance, they went ahead and interviewed Kim for the whole 30:00. And it wasn’t cupcake time, they grilled her. She came across as intelligent, composed, and with a firm grasp on the issues important to Iowans. Watch the video. By the midway point you can see that the moderators are impressed that here is a politician who was not just spouting platitudes, but getting into the weeds and discussing locally important issues. I could not embed the video, so I’m posting a link to the original article here so it can be viewed that way.

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