Steve King Endorses Vladimir Putin

Team Weaver | 9/9/16

Donald Trump is rightfully being torn limb from limb over his praise of Vladimir Putin during Wednesday night's televised Town Hall with Matt Lauer. The condemnation has been widespread and brutal, just as it should. If you're wondering where Steve King stands with regard to the Russian President, well...he stands side by side with Donald Trump. In fact, he ran to the nearest TV camera - in this case it was MSNBC - and not only spoke up in support of Trump, he made clear his belief that Putin is a better leader than President Obama.


We get more confused by the day by what the right means when they use the word "patriot."

What has Vladimir Putin done that so impresses Steve King?  Well, he's invaded two countries, Crimea and Ukraine.  He murders minorities and oppressed "sub-groups."  He murders political opponents and journalists who criticize him.  He sends bloggers to jail for eight years.  He has banned Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Association (in other words, our First Amendment).  He unrelentingly harasses gays and lesbians and ethnic and religious minorities.  He has forbidden palliative care to the dying, and denies AIDS victims any treatments. 

Not coincidentally, he sounds a lot like Steve King.  He's just in better shape.  Don't let Steve King and his Putin-worship turn America into Russia.  A Russia that Human Rights Watch calls the most "sinister" country on Earth.  Steve King and Donald Trump will serve as bus-boys for Putin, because they love his dictator style.  Stop them.  Please stop them from turning America into a bloody swamp of tyranny.

Will you chip in to help send a message that this kind of devotion to a dictator is unacceptable by helping Kim Weaver defeat Steve King?



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