Steve King is not just embarrassing...he's dangerous

Kim Weaver | July 12, 2016

So how’d you feel yesterday when you learned that Steve King proudly displays a Confederate flag in his office? Angry? Disgusted? Whatever word best describes your emotional reaction, I bet you weren’t surprised.




My opponent is Iowa's single greatest embarrassment. I suspect we all agree on that. Can we also agree that in these times when tensions are so high - between left and right, between police and protesters - his hateful and purposely divisive language is dangerous? The Des Moines Register Editorial Board thinks so. Here’s an excerpt from what they published this morning:

At this point, most Iowans have come to grips with the fact that every 60 days or so U.S. Rep. Steve King will erupt like a volcano and spew forth some sort of racially tinged nonsense that embarrasses them all.

Last week, however, King did more than spout his usual stream of inanities. In the aftermath of the horrific shooting of 12 Dallas police officers, King took to Twitter and blamed the deadly attack on the president of the United States:

#DallasPoliceShooting has roots in first of anti-white/anti-cop events illuminated by Obama … Officer Crowley. There were others.

Given its timing, this is a supremely dangerous, reckless accusation for the congressman to make. 

Please, please help me make him Former Congressman Steve King!

If you think it's unacceptable for a sitting US Congressman to blame the massacre of five law enforcement officers in Dallas on President Obama, please help us make him send him home. If you think it's unacceptable for a sitting US Congressman to display a Confederate flag on his desk, as we learned please help us send him home.

Please click here to help our campaign spread the word that Iowans don't have to put up with the embarrassment of having Steve King represent our great state in Washington DC. $5, $25, $50, $100...whatever you can spare, we promise we'll put it to good use. With your generous contribution and the hard work of our volunteers, we have a real chance this year of ending 14 years of shame.

Thank you so much for your support!



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