Steve King's Confederate Flag

A.C. Doyle | 10/18/16

Steve King's Confederate Flag

On this day in 1767 Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon completed their survey of the Delaware Valley, and established the permanent distinction between free states and slave states. The "Mason-Dixon Line" would serve as a clear boundary between decency and hideous oppression for the next century.

Steve King has chosen to dwell on the wrong side of that line, and the wrong side of history. He still proudly displays the flag of treason and slavery on his desk. He's proud of it. He says it's there because "it's important to remember our history." It's a claim that's perplexing to the person hearing it and disingenuous on the part of the person making it. No. That's not why Steve King has the Confederate battle flag on his desk, because if it was really about "remembering our history," he'd have this flag on his desk...



That's the Union flag from the Civil War era. That's the flag over 13,000 Iowans gave their life defending. Steve King insults every brave young Iowan who died to defend the Union and to stop the awful Dixie tradition of human bondage. 
Iowans fought against hatred and cruelty. Why would any proud Iowan possibly vote for someone whose attitudes are two centuries out of date? Iowa is so much better than this!

Please, for all that's sane and holy, do not return this monster to Congress, where he will continue to embarrass Iowa and humiliate all the sacrifices our brave young Iowan soldiers made to STOP THE EXACT THINGS HE REPRESENTS! Please donate to Kim’s campaign and help us #dethroneKing.


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