Story County Democrats host panel discussing Iowa water issues


Iowa State Daily | Chris Anderson | 9/14/16

Story County Democrats host panel discussing Iowa water issues


Des Moines Waterworks Director Bill Stowe is concerned about a water crisis in Iowa, stressing that a need for real public policy is needed.

Story County Democrats hosted an open forum concerning Iowa’s Water Crisis on Wednesday, Sep. 13 at the United Collegiate Methodist Church. The forum consisted of a panel with Stowe, Iowa State agronomy professor Rick Cruse and Iowa Farmer Seth Watkins. The forum was moderated by State Rep. Beth Wessel-Kroeschell, D-Ames.

Iowa’s 4th congressional district candidate Kim Weaver was also present at the forum.

The first member of the panel of experts to introduce himself was Stowe, who started the conversation by raising a pitcher of water above his head.

“From a water producer’s standpoint, I know how close we came to actually crossing the public health threshold to where it become unsafe,” Stowe said. “This is a crisis."

Weaver agreed, also contrasting the difference between she and her opponent, Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa.

“He doesn’t even talk about it,” Weaver said. Weaver said she believes she is the only candidate in the race getting out there and promising to take action on this issue if elected.


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