Tell Steve King to remove the Confederate flag from his government office.


Photo courtesy of Iowa Starting Line.

On Monday we all learned that Iowa Congressman Steve King displays a Confederate flag on the desk of his Sioux City office. Condemnation was swift, came from news outlets and citizens coast to coast, and even included Republicans from his home state of Iowa, a state that, we would be remiss in not mentioning, fought on the side of the Union and lost over 13,000 men in America's bloodiest war.

“I don’t agree with that. I guess that’s his decision. People have a right to display whatever they want to, but I’m proud to say that (Iowa was) on the side of the Union and we won the war."

- Terry Branstad, Governor of Iowa

"It wouldn't be appropriate for Chuck Grassley and I wouldn't have it. […] You have to recognize that constitutional right but it’s a constitutional right that I would not express."

- Chuck Grassley, US Senator (IA)

"Beyond the ugliness symbolized by the flag lies the fact Iowa was part of the Union in the Civil War. In other words, the Confederate flag was flown by the enemy of our state, King's state. More than 76,000 Iowans fought for the Union and against the Confederacy and everything it stood for; more than 13,000, or nearly one in five, of them died. Bottom line: King should remove the Stars and Bars from his desk."

-Sioux City Journal Editorial Board

"Like a lot of Iowans, I'm disgusted by his gross insensitivity to the millions of Americans for whom that flag is a symbol of racism and division, and I join them in calling on Mr. King to remove it immediately."

- Kim Weaver



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