The Importance of Debates

Kim Weaver | 10/20/16

The Importance of Debates

Last night, Iowans in the 4th District heard Senate and Presidential candidates make an impassioned case for why they should be elected to office. Unfortunately, due to Steve King’s refusal, these same Iowans are being deprived of a debate between the House candidates.

The voters of Iowa’s 4th district deserve to hear Steve King’s case for why he should be elected to an eighth term, as well as my own case for being elected. It is disrespectful and arrogant of him to assume that the voters know his positions on all the issues, and that the citizens of Iowa have no right to meaningful communication from their Congressional representative.

Also, his refusal to have his positions publicly contrasted with my own on the debate stage demonstrates cowardice.



What is he trying to hide? To quote an October 19th Editorial from the Des Moines Register, “King thrives on attention. So it seems odd that he is now refusing to debate Kim Weaver, his Democratic challenger in the 4th District race for the U.S. House of Representatives.” Why would he shy away from another opportunity to speak his mind to a wide audience?

Help me continue to hold his feet to the fire, donate today! And call or e-mail Steve King’s office, to demand he honor his commitment to democracy and communicate where he stands on the eve of the election.  He has passed no laws in 14 years -- we Iowans deserve to know why, and whether he will continue his pointless charade, or whether Kim Weaver would be a better choice for action, solutions, and genuine leadership.



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