This one will blow your mind. (I promise.)

Kim Weaver | 10/13/16

My opponent and I have been invited by two separate media outlets to debate the issues, giving the voters of Iowa’s 4th Congressional District an opportunity to compare their choices side by side. I accepted both invitations within an hour of receiving them.

My opponent? My opponent has declined. He was quoted in the Sioux City Journal saying, “There’s no upside to it.” No upside? For who?

For him, obviously. But here’s the thing...a debate isn’t for him, and it isn’t for me. It’s for the voters - making his refusal to participate in this time-honored tradition not only an act of supreme cowardice, but of extreme disrespect directed at the very people he’s been elected to serve.

Will you help us send a message that such blatant selfishness and disrespect is unacceptable? You can do so by chipping in to our campaign, helping us spread the word of this gutless display of arrogance and hubris.

In case you’re not quite sure yet whether this is a time to contribute to the fight to retire Steve King, I did promise to blow your mind. 

Well, we learned today that the Story County Republicans are hosting a fundraiser on October 18th, where Steve King will be a featured guest. The theme of this fundraiser is...are you ready for this? “Show Some Respect: Bringing Civility to Political Discourse.”

Is your mind blown? Mine was. (And still is.)

Please contribute if you can.



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