Weaver: King doesn't represent Iowa beliefs

QC Times | James Q. Lynch | 7/25/16

Weaver: King doesn't represent Iowa beliefs

PHILADELPHIA — As much as she cringes whenever Rep. Steve King opens his mouth, 4th District Democratic challenger Kim Weaver is enjoying the response.

“I wake up on the morning and go through my emails to see if Steve King has anything stupid,” Weaver told Iowa Democratic National Convention delegates Monday morning.

Then she goes to work raising money off the seven-term conservative’s outbursts, such as saying it would be “racist” and “sexist” to replace President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with Tubman, an abolitionist and supporters of women’s suffrage.

She’s raised about $30,000 off a fundraising appeal on King’s remarks.

“People are sending me tons of Tubmans,” Weaver said.

But as good as he is for fundraising, “it has been disappointing” because King is such a misrepresentation of Iowa and Iowans, she said.

“We want to show that Iowans are not bigots. We’re not narrow-minded,” Weaver said. “We’re kind; we’re generous, and we really want to focus on solutions.”

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