College Affordability and Labor Ready Workforce


College Affordability and a Labor-ready Workforce

While wages have remained stagnant for most middle and low-income families, the costs to attend college and other post-secondary training programs have skyrocketed. Because of this, people are forced to either take on crushing levels of debt or abandon their dreams of a higher education altogether. Kim believes that the future of our country depends on well-educated citizens. Supporting measures to make education affordable and accessible should be a top priority for Congress.

To expand educational opportunities for everyone, Kim has proposed the following: 

  • Create tuition-free, post-secondary training programs that are administered through community colleges as extensions of our public school system.
  • Expand opportunities for students to do college credit coursework while still in high school, offering an opportunity to complete an associate's degree by graduation.
  • Create a national volunteer program that will allow high school students to earn financial credit for future tuition.  This program will uniquely allow students to volunteer each week while still maintaining their school studies, extracurricular activities or outside jobs. This differentiates from volunteer programs like AmeriCorps because it requires only a part-time commitment.
  • Create apprenticeship and training programs for high school students that would provide a marketable skill upon graduation.
  • Expand the Pell Grant program to offset the cost of college.
  • Restructure college work-study programs so that they meet all tuition costs rather than the payment of an hourly wage.


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