Better watch out "Cantaloupe Calves". You've got problems.

Daily Kos | Murfster35 | 10/28/16

You had to expect this would happen sooner or later. I don’t know how long Steve King thought he could get away with this scam. How long can you be a loudmouthed, ignorant, bigoted blowhard before everybody finally gets sick of your shtick? For Donald Trump it took a long, painful 16 months to get here, for Steve King it’s taken an incredible 14 years. But good things come to those who wait.

Kim Weaver has had her sights set on King for a long while, but it’s been a long and sometimes lonely road. Steve King just blew her off, saw no reason to debate her, basically ignored her. She was just some social worker, and he was a world class jerk. She is still working full time as a social worker, which cuts down greatly on her campaign and fund raising time. As Alfred E Neuman used to say, “What, me worry?” Well, maybe.

Turns out that Kim Weaver isn’t the only one with her sights firmly on Steve King’s back. The Des Moines Register is not very happy with him these days either. The Register spoke glowingly of Kim’s skills, lauding her ability to listen to all sides in disputes between seniors or the mentally disabled and their families and nursing facilities before turning their sights on King. To quote from the ARTICLE;

Contrast that with her opponent in the 4th district, Rep. Steve King, who’s infamous for talking. He’s known nationally for making outrageous statements — on the floor of Congress, on cable TV, on talk radio, and anywhere else he can get attention.

But actually doing anything? King has earned a reputation for being one of the least-effective members of Congress. In seven terms in Washington, not one of the bills he’s introduced have ever made it out of committee. Instead, he’s known for his amendments and resolutions that ultimately go nowhere. He takes pride in obstruction.

Ouch! I think maybe Steve King ruffled their feathers over there at the Register a little bit when he declined to even meet with them while they considered their endorsement. And the fact that he’s a vocal and total supporter of Trump probably doesn’t help either. Kim Weaver was there with bells on, and apparently impressed them, they went again to her 20 years of service in public service as a long term care ombudsman for the state before dropping the hammer on King;

She knows those seniors also would prefer to stay in their homes, if they had help. That’s why she proposes expanding the AmeriCorps VISTA program, which would allow young college graduates to work as aides for elderly people while getting help in paying off their student debt.

She’s worked with low-income clients and done the math to show that for a family of four, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour would save taxpayers $18,000 a year in public assistance such as food stamps, housing and heating assistance and other benefits. That’s why she wants to find a way to gradually increase the minimum wage without punishing small business owners.

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Endorsement: Weaver listens to Iowans

Des Moines Register | Editorial Board | 10/27/16

Endorsement: Weaver listens to Iowans


Kim Weaver, Democratic candidate for Iowa's 4th Congressional District, tells Register reporters and editors about how her experience as an ombudsman has taught her to listen to all sides of an issue. The Register


Kim Weaver has a long record of helping seniors, the mentally ill and their families. That career relies on listening, and she says she’ll take that quality to Congress.

“I’m going to listen to all the issues. When I go into a nursing home, I’d don’t assume this side is right and this side is wrong. You have to hear all sides,” Weaver, a social worker, told the Register’s editorial board.

Contrast that with her opponent in the 4th district, Rep. Steve King, who’s infamous for talking. He’s known nationally for making outrageous statements — on the floor of Congress, on cable TV, on talk radio, and anywhere else he can get attention.

But actually doing anything? King has earned a reputation for being one of the least-effective members of Congress. In seven terms in Washington, not one of the bills he’s introduced have ever made it out of committee. Instead, he’s known for his amendments and resolutions that ultimately go nowhere. He takes pride in obstruction.

COMPARE THE CANDIDATES: See how the candidates' views on major issues compare to yours at

We invited King to meet with the editorial board twice this election season, but his campaign declined.

The Register instead endorses Weaver, who represents a refreshing voice in Iowa politics. She knows the challenges many Iowans face because she’s heard from them directly. As a long-term care ombudsman, she’s worked with clients who’ve sold portions of their farms to pay for the soaring costs of long-term care. That’s why she supports expanding Medicare to cover nursing homes and assisted living.

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Election 2016 preview: U.S. Representative District 4

Election 2016 preview: U.S. Representative District 4

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O'Malley, Weaver appear in Ames to rally local Dems

Ames Tribune | Austin Harrington | 10/22/16

O'Malley, Weaver appear in Ames to rally local Dems


Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, who finished third in the primary race for the Democratic nomination for president, made an appearance in Ames Saturday with Kim Weaver, the Democratic challenger for Iowa’s 4th Congressional District, a seat that is currently held by U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa.

The two Democrats pushed for early voting and emphasized the importance of every race on the ticket for the coming election, starting with the highest office in the country.

“We’ve got to take to the field with Hillary Clinton as our leader. She is advancing the common sense economic policies that we need,” O’Malley said. “She can be Commander in Chief. I’m one of the few people who can come to Ames and tell you Kim that I have campaigned with Hillary Clinton and I have campaigned against Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton is one tough person for this one tough job of President of the United States.”

O’Malley went on to talk about Weaver in much of the same light.

“She’s a woman who is all about solving problems,” O’Malley said. “Most importantly, just like all of you, she thinks if you go to work to do a job you should actually get something done.”

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Martin O'Malley works with Kim Weaver to rally Story County Democrats

Iowa State Daily | Chris Anderson | 10/22/16

Martin O'Malley works with Kim Weaver to rally Story County Democrats


Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, once a 2016 candidate himself, was in Ames Saturday calling on voters to support Democratic candidates up and down ballot while denouncing Donald Trump and U.S. Rep. Steve King.

Speaking at the Story County Democratic office in Ames, O’Malley was part of a larger effort to encourage voters to cast ballots for Hillary Clinton and other Democrats in Iowa.

O’Malley's speech touched on Iowa’s pivotal role in deciding the president and an encouragement to get involved. He was also quick to criticize Republican nominee Donald Trump, at one point calling his appeals “overtly racist and fascist.”

“His base became convinced he was just the sledgehammer we needed to break the kitchen table,” O’Malley said, “Well, breaking the kitchen table doesn’t put food on it, does it?”

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Editorial: 2016 ISD Editorial Board endorsements

Iowa State Daily | ISD Editorial Board | 10/20/16

Editorial: 2016 ISD Editorial Board endorsements

Kim Weaver

It’s time to elect Kim Weaver to the U.S. House of Representatives and leave behind our national embarrassment, Rep. Steve King.

Weaver, an Iowa State alumna, acknowledges that student loan debt could very well be the next national financial crisis — a real concern for Iowa college students who experience among the highest debt in the country.

She has several plans to reduce or eliminate student loan debt, including implementing a national volunteer program where graduates could volunteer in exchange for debt relief.

Beyond that, she recognizes the role immigrants play in vitalizing Iowa’s economy, especially when it comes to the costs of farm labor. She supports a clear, common-sense path to citizenship for those already working in the country that would have them begin paying taxes if they don’t already.

Finally, Weaver simply cares about people. She is pro-choice, anti-death penalty, opposes the Keystone XL pipeline, supports gun control and same-sex marriage and believes climate change is a real and present threat.

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Editorial: Public debates are essential to good public policy

Des Moines Register | Editorial | 10/18/16

Editorial: Public debates are essential to good public policy

U.S. Rep. Steve King has carefully cultivated a national reputation for saying what he thinks.

If there’s a microphone and a camera nearby, the Republican congressman from Kiron can be counted on to gravitate toward them and to make headlines with verbal hand grenades that not only outrage Democrats, but also have caused headaches for the GOP leadership.

He also uses social media to spread the word about his many media appearances: I am live on C-SPANright now. Be sure to tune in! … I will be live on CNN's New Day with Chris Cuomo this morning… I will be calling in live on Fox News with Neil Cavuto at 9:20 am… I will be live on MSNBC's Meet the Press Daily with Peter Alexander at 4:00 pm ...” 

King thrives on attention. So it seems odd that he is now refusing to debate Kim Weaver, his Democratic challenger in the 4th District race for the U.S. House of Representatives. Odd, but definitely not unusual. He didn’t debate his Democratic opponents in his 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010 bids for re-elections, either.

So why isn’t he debating Weaver this year?

“People know where I stand,” King told the Sioux City Journal. “I don't have people coming up to me, and saying, ‘Where are you on Obamacare, where are you on national defense or border security?’ ”

That might be a workable rationale for staying off the campaign trail and refusing to give speeches outlining his position on the issues. It’s not a plausible explanation, however, for refusing to defend those positions in a public debate while making the case for why he should remain on the congressional payroll.

King’s comments also suggest that his decision on whether to debate his opponent is based solely on political calculations, and that the only consideration is whether a debate can help or hurt his campaign for re-election.

“There's no upside to it,” King told the Journal. “There is nothing to be learned or gained.”

Coming from a seven-term congressman, that’s a very sobering statement, and its one that very nearly disqualifies him to serve in any elected capacity.

After all, the “upside” of publicly debating issues of national importance — for King, for Congress and for all of the citizens they represent — can’t be understated, let alone dismissed, as he has done, in such a casual fashion. Open and informed debate is what produces good public policy.

For King to argue that neither he nor his constituents are capable of learning or gaining anything from a vigorous debate on the merits of, say, the Affordable Care Act or U.S. policies on immigration, is to say that the preconceived notions they now hold, and the positions they have staked out for themselves, are both immovable and unworthy of being defended.

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Is Kim Weaver a stealth fighter?

POLITICUS | Murphster35 | 10/20/16

IA-04: Is Kim Weaver a Stealth Fighter?

One thing you gotta say about Steve King of IA-04, he’s a cocky little bugger. Thanks to being in what’s normally considered a “safe” Red district he feels free to let his freak flag fly, insulting Muslims and African Americans, snidely referring to the “cantaloupe calves” on Mexican teens from lugging marijuana bales across the border, and slathering praise on The Orange Julius. What the hell, he’s safe.

But wait. Cue up Buffalo Springfield, “Something’s happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear”. Steve King has consistently blown off Kim Weaver, considering her no threat, and refusing to debate her at all. She’s too far in his rear view mirror for him to see her. But I have a question. If she’s such a non entity, and the race is safely tucked away, why is she getting so much press?

Yesterday, the Omaha World Herald had a long and exhaustive article on this race, comparing the candidates on multiple issues. Steve King didn’t come off very well. He wrote Kim Weaver off, defended his off the wall and offensive statements as “telling it straight”, and not doing anything to distance himself from the SS Trumpitania. He explained away his Congressional inactivity in crafting bills by saying he was better known for proposing “alternate amendments” to existing bills. Yeah. Except you and I would call them “poison pills”.

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Weaver: college affordability should be top issue

Storm Lake Pilot Tribune | 10/18/16

Weaver: college affordability should be top issue

Democratic candidate for Congress Kim Weaver said that she was struck by a keynote speech from Texas Representative Joaquin Castro Friday night at the Iowa Democratic Party Annual Gala.

“Representative Castro spoke about his childhood, growing up on the west side of San Antonio with a single mother, a community activist working to improve the lives of the poor and oppressed. He spoke of himself and other children getting beaten in school for speaking Spanish. He persevered, though. He studied hard, and through Pell grants and scholarships, was able to attend Stanford,” she said.

“For me, there was a ring of familiarity to this story,” she said, noting that as a single mother, she raised an eldest son who also received Pell grants and scholarships, and as a result, was able to attend MIT.

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In race for Iowa's 4th District, Rep. Steve King brushes off criticism and challenger Kim Weaver

Omaha World Herald | Joseph Morton | 10/19/16

In race for Iowa's 4th District, Rep. Steve King brushes off criticism and challenger Kim Weaver

WASHINGTON — Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, has carved out a national profile as an outspoken conservative firebrand, but Democratic challenger Kim Weaver is questioning what he’s actually accomplished for his constituents during seven terms in office.

With his advantage in campaign cash and the Republican tilt of northwest Iowa’s 4th District, King is heavily favored to return to Capitol Hill for another two years even as he continues to stir the pot with controversial statements.

His most pointed rhetoric often comes on immigration, such as his recent warning about “cultural suicide by demographic transformation” and earlier references to drug smugglers coming across the border from Mexico with “calves the size of cantaloupes.”

Over the summer he talked about the superior contributions of Western civilization and drew attention for keeping a Confederate flag on his desk.

“That’s not Iowa,” Weaver said. “I was raised to be tough but also be compassionate, to treat people with dignity, not disdain.”

For his part, King expresses no regrets about what he sees as simply telling it like it is.

“I stand by everything that I’ve said and done,” he said. “If I didn’t, I would have apologized for it. If that’s the best they’ve got, then I guess they can go ahead and play that hand all the way to Nov. 8.”

Weaver said her critique goes further, however, and points to a nonpartisan website, Inside Government, that ranked King as the least effective member of Congress based on how many of his bills have moved forward in the legislative process.

King said he’s not sure how anyone could come up with that ranking. He said he’s been an active member of Congress, influencing the debate by frequently offering amendments on a range of topics.

King recently proposed an alternative continuing resolution that would have trimmed overall government spending and defunded a litany of budget items opposed by conservatives. Those include money for Planned Parenthood, the Affordable Care Act and President Barack Obama’s executive orders on immigration. King’s proposal did not pass.

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