Protecting the Environment


Our growing global population places increasing demands on our water supply and other natural resources. In many urban areas, air quality is so poor that people with medical concerns are at heightened risk. And the acidification of our oceans by rising carbon dioxide emissions threatens the primary food sources of one billion people, in addition to key American industries.

Clearly, we have reached the point where we can no longer ignore the changes in our natural environment, let alone recklessly continuing to aggravate those changes. Being good global neighbors requires us to do what we can to also be good stewards of our environment.  

To ensure that our planet is a place where our children and grandchildren can grow and thrive, Kim proposes the following: 

  • Measures to decrease carbon emissions, including the expansion of financial disincentives for industries that pollute our air.
  • Implement renewable energy measures with the goal to have our grid powered primarily by renewable resources.  
  • Increase use of renewable resources by government entities.  
  • Cooperative efforts to improve water quality, including protecting watersheds.  
  • Research on the use of fast growing plant materials, such as industrial hemp, to decrease the use of slow-growth trees and improve water quality.
  • Protect our National Parks and the restoration of our forests.
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